Sunday, November 16, 2014

Forbidden Ground by Karen Harper

Reviewed by Nas
FORBIDDEN GROUND by author Karen Harper is a Harlequin MIRA release for October 2014.

This is the eldest Lockwood sister, Kate’s story. We met the youngest, Tess Lockwood in SHATTERED TRUST and the middle sister, Charlene Lockwood in BROKEN BONDS.

Kate Lockwood comes to attend her sister’s wedding in Cold Creek. She is not too keen to reunite with her dad though, as he had left the family when they really needed him. She is an anthropologist and studies the burial traditions and rites of pre-historic civilization.

Coming to Cold Creek also means she can study the Adena mounds. She is determined to excavate the Mason mound but it is on private property and Grant Mason has the policy of ‘the dead should not be disturbed’. Kate is determined to break through Grant’s resistance. Will she succeed? And who wants her dead? Then one by one Grant’s friends end up dead. Can Kate trust Grant, the person she started to love? What will happen when she discovers Grant’s secret?

FORBIDDEN GROUND is a fast-paced thrilling story. The information about Adena burial traditions was interesting and intriguing. It made me google and read more. I loved revisiting author Karen Harper’s Cold Creek.

Recommended for all readers.