Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Keep your friends close by Paula Daly

Reviewed by Desere

Natty and Sean have a rock solid marriage with two daughters, they run a successful business and live in a beautiful house, life is bliss even with the odd up and down it 's still as perfect as can be.

When their daughter falls ill on a overseas school trip Natty rushes to be by her side. Lucky for her her best from college is close by and agrees to stay with Sean to lend a helping hand whilst Natty is gone. But when Natty returns Eve has settled in a little too well and Sean has fallen in love with her. So no choice but to step away from a once perfect marriage and let Sean be happy Natty walks away and tries her best to start fresh.

Then one day Natty receives a mysterious note that says Eve has done this type of take over the family thing before, more than once to be exact and even worse the consequences were fatal! Natty sets out to reveal Eve as a vindictive serial mistress but in order to prove it she has to uncover the secrets , the lies and the deception but who says she'll make it out alive. Will Eve once again walk away smiling and planning the next take over?

This was without a doubt one of the very best psychological thrillers I have ever read!  From start to finish the drama is so gripping it just sucks you in and entrances you in the very different worlds Natty and Eve live in.

Page after page had action, drama and so many secrets and lies it was like being in a court room for a murder trial and with each secret being revealed I just wanted to shout out" Hang the woman already !"

The author envoked many various emotions for me as reader, I was angry with Sean and wanted to beat the heck out of him for being so easily fooled by Eve, I wanted to cry my heart out for Natty and simply hold her to tell her it will someone all work out, and as for Eve as I said if it was a few 1000 years ago and I was the judge I would have hung the vindictive witch myself!

Once heck of  a gripping read that is for darn sure not to be missed ! Read it , trust me you'll thank me over and over again!

5/5 star review

" Keep your friends close and your enemies closer or is that the other way around? " 

*** Now available at Random House Struik South Africa