Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Last Known Contact

 Last Known Contact

Phillipa Nefri Clark

Last Known Contact by Phillipa Nefri Clark

Reviewed by Helen

I am a big fan of MS Clark’s stories and have loved every one of them, this book is a little different to her normal stories, a mystery thriller and it packs a punch there is suspense, twists and turns and characters that bring a lot of emotion out in the reader and a must read.

Ellie arrives home to Melbourne from London to find out that her father is missing, Jack Bannerman is head of the family company and a force to be reckoned in his business dealings, there are no clues whether he is dead or alive and Ellie is beside herself with worry and more so when she finds out that her estranged husband was his last known contact but denies it and jumps in to take over as CEO in the meantime and this causes Ellie more worries.

When detective Ben Rossi is called in to investigate emotions run high with Ellie as her and Ben have a past a past when they were in love and he is the last person she wants to see but he is doing his job very well with a lot of help from Ellie and soon they are uncovering secrets that a lot of company directors and family are keeping.

This is a fast paced story that had me turning the pages I had to get to the finish yet it is such a great story I also didn’t want it to finish, Ellie is so strong and capable even if there is killer on the lose making it dangerous for her and Ben oh he is good at his job and is determined to keep Ellie safe and get to the bottom of the mystery about Jack Bannerman’s disappearance and the longer Ben and Ellie spend together the more they open up about the past and feelings are changing, could they find love again with everything that is going on?

This is a book that I highly recommend, I loved it and everyone should read it.

5 stars

Published July 27th 2020 by Amazon Digital Services

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Easy Target

Easy Target

A SafeKeepers INC Novel

Shannon Curtis

Reviewed by Helen

It has been a while since I have read one of MS Curtis’s stories and believe you me it was worth the wait, she pulls everything out with her stories and this one is fabulous, fast paced, lots of action and danger and such a sensual romance as undercover bodyguard Knox Landon is hired to protect beautiful and strong Michaela Robson from a killer.

Knox Landon works for Safekeepers INC a security company and his new case should be easy, get a job at the logistics company she works at, stay close keep an eye on her but when a team building trip sees him saving her life and then an orienteering trip has a killer shooting Knox gets to see what a strong and caring person Mic is and keeping his heart closed after what he has been through is getting harder.

Mic Robson is determined to show her father that she is capable of doing any job that she sets her mind to and when at her new job she uncovers a drug smuggling ring and blows the whistle, her life is going to upended. Mic is a very strong woman and is determined to get the company running normally, and having a fling with one of the new workers is not what she wants but when said worker Knox saves her life at the retreat not once but twice her emotions are flying in all directions, but can she trust him?

MS Curtis had me turning the pages with this one, I loved the characters Mic, so strong and caring Knox is the best hero I loved him so much, the sensual pull between these two lights up the pages and with murder and mayhem there is such witty banter that I was smiling throughout as well as being on the edge of my seat, this is a story that I highly recommend, it was hard to put down and the first in a series I can’t wait to read the other SafeKeeper’s stories .

5 stars

Expected publication: April 6th 2020 by Info Block Press

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Charlotte Pass

Charlotte Pass

Lee Christine

Charlotte Pass by Lee Christine

Reviewed by Helen

WOW this is an exciting page turner firstly what a fabulous setting the Snowy Mountains, I love Charlotte Pass it is a fabulous resort and I do love a story that is set when it is snowing and MS Christine has done brilliantly with her characters and the unravelling of mystery when human bones are found by ski patroller Vanessa Bell, I do hope that you will pick this one up, you will not want to put it down till you get to the bottom of the mystery, this one had me guessing till the very end.

Vanessa is very good at her job and she loves it, used to working around the world this is her first season back in her home country and she is excited about the Winterfest celebrations to be held at Charlotte Pass, when she discovers human bones, this puts a damper on the party and festivities and the need for the homicide squad from Sydney to be called in, and Vanessa is more than willing to help in any way she can.

Pierce Ryder is pulled of a case that he is working on to look into the human bones that have been found, he meets up with his old mentor who worked on a case about a missing woman in this ski resort back in 1964 and he is convinced that these bones are the remains of that missing woman. Pierce meets Vanessa and is happy for her help as he jumps in to unravel the mystery when another murder takes place, upping the need to find out what happened as quickly as possible.

This is a story that has everything that a suspense reader would love and for the romance reader there is a great romance as well, it is fast paced with fabulous characters, Pierce is a great detective questioning suspects who were there back in 1964 to uncover a killer and Vanessa who is always willing to help and knows the area really well, it is intriguing, very well written, I loved the story from start to finish and the journey that Pierce and Vanessa had to find such happiness that was so well deserved. This is a book that I highly recommend.

5 stars

Published February 4th 2020 by Allen & Unwin AU

Friday, January 3, 2020

A Madness of Summer

A Madness of Sunshine

A Madness of Sunshine

Nalini Singh

A Madness of Sunshine by Nalini Singh

Reviewed by Helen

Nalini Singh is a fabulous story teller no matter what genre she is writing in, I thoroughly enjoyed this one, the setting is a small town Golden Cove on the South Island of New Zealand and the rugged west coast with beautiful beaches and dangerous rocks and bush that is very easy to get lost in. This is the story of school friends who years later are back together in Golden Cove when someone goes missing and people are remembering the three woman who vanished fifteen years before, could it have been a serial killer and one of their own all along?

Anahera Rawiri has returned home to the place she ran from years before she is a gifted pianist who has been living in London, she has just lost her husband and thinks that home will help her, her friends are still there Josie, Nikau, Kiera, Daniel and Vincent, and there is a cop in town now as well, Will Gallagher. When a beautiful young woman Miriama goes missing Will and Anahera get to know each other and their pasts.

Will has been sent to Golden Cove after a tragic incident and is getting to know everyone in this small town, he organizes a search party as soon as Miriama goes missing and he uncovers a lot about the missing hikers from years before whose bodies were never found and Will is looking into a link between their disappearance and this one. Anahera is becoming special to him and he is opening up about his past like never before.

This was a real page turner and kept me guessing till the end, MS Singh has bought the characters to life on the pages and we get to know them so well, what has happened in the past can play a part in the now. A truly compelling read that had me on the edge of my seat with some complex and difficult to read people. I loved Will and Anahera and was thrilled to see them get closer and find the happiness they deserved, this is a story that I highly recommend. 

5 stars

Published December 5th 2019 by Gollancz (first published December 3rd 2019)

Friday, June 21, 2019

The Scandal by Nicola Marsh

Reviewed by Nas Dean

THE SCANDAL by author Nicola Marsh is a July release by Bookouture.

There’s a group of friends who stick by each other. These ladies have parties and enjoy gossips. One night during a party at Marissa’s house a pregnant girl faints on the doorstep, and everyone’s life changes. Now, who is the baby daddy? And then we get to know this trio of friends and realize they all are keeping secrets.

As the story unfolds we get to know more but we had to keep guessing as to which person is responsible for what action. 

In THE SCANDAL, we get terrific characters, a fast-paced story with a few twists along the way, no, a lot of twists along the way! And a small town where almost everyone is a suspect. Author Nicola Marsh, with a deft hand, crafts the unravelling of a marriage with brutal honesty. The genius is how she stitches the perfect ending.

Highly recommended for readers of thrillers.


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Family Sins by Sharon Sala

Reviewed by Nas Dean

FAMILY SINS by author Sharon Sala is a October 2016 release by Harlequin MIRA.

Leigh Youngblood left her family, family wealth and home for love. She never looked back yet over thirty years later her husband and love of her live is killed. He is shot in the back. He scrawls Leigh’s family name in the dust before dying.

Leigh is heart-broken, grieving yet determined to find out just which of her relative is responsible for the murder and the reason for it. With her sons and other family close by her side she challenges her siblings.

What happens next and how it all unfolds make for an interesting reading.

I loved reading FAMILY SINS. It was fast-paced and a thrilling story full of intrigue, murder and mystery. And family jealousy and truth about relationship dynamics within a family.

Highly recommended to readers.