Sunday, November 16, 2014

Broken Bonds by Karen Harper

Reviewed by Nas
BROKEN BONDS by author Karen Harper is a Harlequin MIRA release for December 2014.

This is Charlene Lockwood’s story. We met the youngest, Tess Lockwood in SHATTERED TRUST and the other sister, Kate Lockwood in FORBIDDEN GROUND.

Charlene is trying to settle in Cold Creek after very bad childhood experiences there. As both her sisters are there. But who wants her out of Cold Creek? She comes across Matt Rowan being run off the road and saves his life. And they band up together to find out who wanted Matt dead.

Will they be able to figure out this town’s secrets in time?

BROKEN BONDS is another fast-paced thrilling story by the incomparable Karen Harper. Readers would be glued to the pages till the end.

Recommended for all readers of thrillers and mysteries.