Friday, August 5, 2022

Hostile Mission

 Hostile Mission

Alpha Tactical Ops #2

Kendall Talbot

Reviewed by Helen

Book two in this series is another action packed, faced paced page turner, the Alpha Tactical team come together for a rescue mission to Antarctica, but the person they are going to save is not the one they bring home, and the mission turns into something much more than they thought.

Billie Everson is a scientist who is doing what she can to save the world, she grew up on a cattle station and the droughts got her thinking about the weather hence her thoughts on global warming, but her life growing up wasn’t much fun, she hasn’t been home for eleven years. Now she has finally been sent to Antarctica to research a glacier, but what she finds is something that shouldn’t be there embedded in the ice and this starts a massive arrival of people who want what she has found and will do anything to get it.

Levi, known as Wasp to his team members is one of the best chopper pilots around but when the team are sent to Antarctica he discovers a whole new world with ice and wind, but what he doesn’t expect to find is Billie, beautiful scientist who has just been through hell and he is determined to bring her home safe, which isn’t going to be easy with all of these ruthless murders killing everyone in their way to reclaim what they think they own.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story Kendall Talbot kept me turning the pages as Wasp does what he can to save Billie and keep his head where it should be not easy when there are things at home are turning upside down as well and Billie the courage she shows through what she goes through is fabulous she is perfect for Wasp, this is one that I would highly recommend, I loved catching up with the other team members and I am really looking forward to the next book, Maya’s story.

My thanks to the author for my digital copy to read and review

4 stars
Published July 29th 2022

Monday, August 1, 2022

Gone to Ground

 Gone to Ground

Bronwyn Hall

Reviewed by Helen

WOW what an awesome debut, this one will keep your heart rate up and turning the pages, fast paced, action packed and a compelling read, truly don’t miss this one come alone for a hair raising journey to Democratic Republic of the Congo and meet some real heroes and heroines.

Dr Rachel Forester is a doctor from Melbourne and has taken up a role as UN doctor and is sent to the DRC to help were she can, she and a nurse Michael and a medical team are sent out into the jungle to run a clinic for vaccinations, this area is terribly dangerous with militia everywhere but when a badly hurt child is bought in Rachel and Michael decide to stay and wait for the next ride out, just as they are hoping the next helicopter will arrive a team of UN soldiers brings a badly injured soldier in and Rachel does everything she can to save him and when the chopper arrives there is not enough room for them all so Rachel stays with the other three soldiers.

Rachel and the UN soldiers start to make their way out of the jungle and this is not an easy task with dangerous militia around not to mention the jungle and what lives in there these four people become close they need to in this situation, but what they discover is crime and the exploitation of stolen children, not only that but it appears that there are links to the UN the people who are supposed to care for these children, but greed and corrupt leaders are finding a way to rule.

Will they make it out alive, with people now chasing them, who can they trust and what will happen if they make it back to the hospital, this is an edge of your seat thriller suspense story that pulled me in from page one, an awesome story so well written these people are bought to life on the pages, I loved getting to know them and I would love to see more stories about them.

This is a story that I highly recommend you will not want to put it down once you pick it up so clear the calendar and make yourself comfortable, a must read.

My thanks to the Harlequin AU for my copy to read and review.

5 stars
Expected publication: August 3rd 2022 by HQ Fiction

Saturday, July 30, 2022

False Trust

 False Trust

Blake Willis Thriller Series #1

Steve Shipley

Reviewed by Helen

What a fabulous debut this one was, compelling reading, murder, political intrigue, cybersecurity and lots of good whisky with a great cast of characters good and bad and I loved the settings, come along for this high flying thriller that is sure to keep you turning the pages.

Blake Willis is happily married to Becca they have two young boys and are living the good life, they run a security protection and cybersecurity business living in Tasmania a beautiful part of Australia. Blake has a legacy that was handed down from his grandfather and that is three barrels of the finest whisky and he has decided to sell it to ensure the future of his family, he has asked long- time friend, billionaire and renowned whisky expert Justin Coulter to help in the selling of it, although Becca is not keen on Justin’s help she agrees that he is the right person to sell it.

After a trip to the Hunter Valley in NSW and Justin’s beautiful property to discuss the sale they agree on the way to go forward but when Becca and Blake return home they find the whiskey gone and their caretaker murdered and within days of investigating Becca is kidnapped as well, this starts Blake on a race against time to find his wife and find out who is behind it all.

The police and Blake uncover so many leads and so many people who could be involved, past friends of Blake’s who can he trust at a time like this? This story has everything that a good thriller should have, it is fascinating reading as we delve into a lot of technology and the dark web, there is blackmail that goes back years, the characters are fabulous MR Shipley has bought them to life on the pages and yes I was cheering Blake on to catch the villain who really is a nasty piece of work.

Huge congrats on a fabulous debut, this is one that I would highly recommend and I am looking forward to more in the Blake Willis series.

My thanks to the author for my digital copy to read and review.

4 stars
Expected publication: August 9th 2022 by InkIT Publishing Pty Ltd

Friday, July 22, 2022

The Jigsaw Man

 The Jigsaw Man

 Inspector Anjelica Henley #1

Nadine Matheson

Reviewed by Helen

This is a really well written story, it is a thriller, mystery and is brutally descriptive but I really enjoyed getting to know DI Henley it tells of her personal life and how it effects it as she investigates the brutal murders of people whose body parts are being found around London.

When body parts start turning up first in the Thames River DI Henley is called back off desk duty to take charge of the investigation, she thought that she had already put the one they call the jigsaw killer, Peter Olivier behind bars two years ago, is this a copycat or someone working with Olivier but whatever it is Henley is determined to get to the truth no matter how hard it is going to be, she is still struggling with what happened two years ago.

Henley is given a trainee to help her on the case and she is not overly impressed but soon finds that they work well together and with the help from the other staff at SCU Serial Criminal Unit they are uncovering more information. She needs to visit Olivier in prison and that is not easy, they have more questions than answers.

Things get worse when firstly a head in a box turns up on Henley’s doorstep and Olivier escapes from prison, more bodies are turning up and the race is on to catch the killer or killers? What will it be and who will catch the killer?

I did really enjoy this story and I am late reading it but there is another book out very soon and I will be reading to see how things are going in Henley’s life and that of the other characters that that helped make this one a page turner, It is one that I would highly recommend, even if it is a bit gory in parts, the author digs deep into the souls of her characters on brings them to life the good ones and the bad ones.

My thanks to Harlequin AU for my copy to read.

4 stars
Published March 3rd 2021 by Harlequin Enterprises (Australia) Pty Ltd

Friday, June 24, 2022



Shelley Burr

Reviewed by Helen

This is an excellent debut, filled with twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages, strong characters and a mystery that had my mind thinking and jumping from one thought to another and a setting that added to the mystery, come along for the ride I am sure you will love it.

It is nineteen years since nine year old Evelyn McCreery vanished without a trace from her bedroom that she shared with her twin sister Mina, many have tried to solve the case and there have been so many accusations about who did it and is she still alive or dead. Mina is still living on the vast property that has been in the family for many years but she is a bit of a recluse and does not go out much she prefers her own company and only really has one friend Alanna.

Lane Holland is a private investigator and has had some success with cold cases of missing young girls, there is a big reward for the discovery of what happened to Evelyn and Lane decides that he wants to reinvestigate the case, is it just the reward he is after or is there more to his wanting the answers, that is very personal.

It takes a bit for Lane to win Mina’s trust, but he does and soon Lane is uncovering clues that will blow the original investigation out of the water, but there is a lot more to this case for Lane I think, but will the truth change lives? And the ending was riveting as the truth unfolded.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it, I am really looking forward to more from this author I am sure she is going become a must read author for me and for many readers.

My thanks to Hachette AU for my copy to read and review.

4 stars
Published April 27th 2022 by Hachette Austrralia

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Lying in Wait

 Lying in Wait

Diane Hester

Reviewed by Helen

This one had me turning the pages, widower Andy Vaughan has been through a lot since she lost her husband three years ago and now it is time to get back on track and hopefully patch things up with her ten year old son Jeremy, a new job and things should improve.

When Andy was growing up in America she had pet snakes and has always liked them when her friends daughter gets caught in a toilet block with a deadly brown snake Andy steps in and removes the snake and this encourages her to want to work as a ranger with Parks and Wildlife but when the offer comes to be the local snake handler she jumps at the chance.

Dev Jenkins has moved from Sydney to take a job as constable with the Port Matthews police department there were reasons for this move and it is taking some time to settle in being the new cop in town and a checkered past, he meets Andy after the rescue in the park and asks lots of questions snakes are not his favourite.

When there are a couple of deaths caused by snake bite Dev is suspicious this is not a normal happening although he seems to be the only one to think it is out of the ordinary and when there is another death his suspicions that there may be a serial killer on the loose grows, he questions Andy and soon she is thinking the same as Dev.

Andy and Dev are getting closer everyday but things are also getting tenser with more snakes and danger is chasing Dev and Andy, can Dev save the woman he loves will they finally uncover the truth about the deaths and be able to move onto the future?

This really is a page turner MS Hester knows how to pull her readers in with tension and a fast paced story it has wonderful characters, there are quite a few edge of your seat moments in this one and lots of snakes. I do highly recommend this one, it is a fabulous story.

My thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my copy to read and review. 

5 stars
Published May 1st 2022

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Someone Else's Child

 Someone Else's Child

Kylie Orr

Reviewed by Helen

What a totally awesome debut, this book is fabulous it takes in friendships and what happens when someone crosses the line in the most dreadful way and what one friend will do to save the life of a child, a must read book one that I found very hard to put down.

Welcome to the small town of Gibbs Creek a small town filled with caring people and when one of those residents, eight year old Charlotte (Lotte) Garson is diagnosed with a terminal malignant brain tumor the community get on board with her mother Anna, father Jez and best friend Ren to help raise enough money to take her to Germany for a trial that hopefully will give them a cure.

Best friend and long term resident Ren puts everything into this fundraiser to help her goddaughter Lotte and the money is coming in but when Anna decides to make it go national everyone is starting to ask questions and Ren is finding it harder to answer the questions. Ren is terribly worried about Lotte and Jez is becoming more concerned.

Ren starts to dig and what she uncovers is so shocking that she feels it can’t be true but the more she digs the more she discovers and this will turn not only her life but that of Jez and Lotte’s completely around.

Kylie Orr should be hugely congratulated on this debut it is compelling and gripping, a book that was really hard to put down the emotions, all sorts of emotions good and bad run through the pages as we get to know the Garson family and Ren the strength that is shown by a little girl and that of the godmother who loves her so much she puts so much on the line for her. This is one that I highly recommend and I do look forward to more from this author.

My thanks to the publisher for my copy to read and review

5 stars
Published June 1st 2022 by Harlequin Enterprises (Australia) Pty Ltd